Non Missouri S&T Students Help

Although our competitions and framework are agnostic to where they are ran, being a MST centric organization sometimes we may make assumptions about what non MST students know how to do.

Campus Machines

The Missouri S&T Campus hosts a variety of computers for students to connect to. If you are a non MST student traveling to campus to compete in a MegaMinerAI and would like access to these machines we have reserved some temporary accounts to the campus network for you.

These “temp accounts” should be given to you at the time of registration. They allow you to log into the campus computers and use them.

Most teams choose to connect to the campus Linux machines through an SSH program like PuTTY. The CS machines (, where ## is 01-16) are the ones we suggest using if your client language supports it.

Working On Your Own Machine

If you are familiar with setting up development environments we suggest working on your own computer, assuming you brought it. Each game client will come with a that explains dependencies on Windows and Linux. If you have trouble setting it up you can ask a SIG-Game developer for help.