Spiders JavaScript Client (via Node.js)

This is the root of you AI. Stay out of the joueur/ folder, it does most of the heavy lifting to play on our game servers. Your AI, and the game objects it manipulates are all in games/spiders/, with your very own AI living in games/spiders/ai.js for you to make smarter.

How to Run

This client has been tested and confirmed to work on the Campus rc##xcs213 Linux machines, but it can work on your own Windows/Linux/Mac machines if you desire.


node-gyp is required to build the netlinkwrapper module, which is a wrapper to a simple C++ socket library.


./testRun MyOwnGameSession

If you are using your own Linux/Mac make sure you have g++ installed and Node-gyp can find it.


Install NodeJS and a C++ compiler. Having a version of Visual Studio with Visual C++ normally installs these tools for you on Windows, but MS Build Tools 2013 should work as well if you have a hatred of Visual Studio on Windows, or get node-gyp build errors complaining of no way to build native V8 addons. You may need the --msvs_version=2013 flag if npm install gives a compiler error.

Then from a powershell:

npm install
node main.js Spiders -s -r MyOwnGameSession

Other Notes

It is possible that on your Missouri S&T S-Drive this client will not run properly. This is not a fault with the client, but rather the school's S-Drive implimentation changing some file permissions during run time. We cannot control this. Instead, we recommend cloning your repo outside the S-Drive and use an SCP program like WinSCP to edit the files in Windows using whatever IDE you want if you want to code in Windows, but compile in Linux.